Basic guidelines for How to start a Blog.

How to Start a Blog.

How to Start a Blog:

A blog is when a person puts into writing aspects of their lives or aspects of people’s lives in general that are of interest to the blogger. Every person lives a completely different lifestyle from the next person however there are many similarities in different areas of life between people with similar tastes, interests and cultural backgrounds. There are different types of lifestyle blogs like travel blogs, food blogs, fashion blogs, home décor blogs, and even health and fitness blogs.

Anybody can start a blog and the following are some of the tips about how to start a blog:

Select Blog’s Name (Domain Name) and get it registered :

First thing First, The name you choose is one of the more important parts of setting up your blog. Pick a name for your blog and it would be great if it is Unique, short and user-friendly so your readers can able to search out easily. Since you’ve discovered the perfect name, you now need to register it so no one else steals it. There many services providers from where you purchase the domain name.

Hosting for your Blog:

Web hosting is a service that allows your blog to be accessed over the internet. Your blog can’t be seen online without web hosting. Prefer a trustworthy host so it won’t affect your site speed and accessibility. Support is also an important factor to consider when choosing a host.  So whenever if an issue arises the same can be fixed right away to avoid blog downtime as much as possible.

Find the right subject and niche:

The second step of starting the blog is to find the right subject and niche for the blog. The blog cannot be about a million topics and the blogger cannot write different topics for every blog. Find a topic and stick to that subject to help create an identity for the blog. A blog can concentrate on fitness or food or fashion but it is a bad idea to write about different lifestyle topics and confusing the target audience.

Choose the right CMS platform:

Deciding on a platform is very important. There are many blogging CMS platforms where you can be writing, designing, and publishing your blog. Choosing the right platform is an important step in creating a blog. Always prefer a good CMS where easily you can organize your content, upload images and videos, and have control over how your entire blog looks using themes or custom design elements.

There are multiple CMS platform for a blog. Just to name a few:

Well designed and Maintained:

The blog page needs to be well designed and maintained. Regular posts are key to a blog’s success. Deciding on the layout and theme of the blog is a critical feature of the blog. This layout and theme should match the content of the blog.

Blogs are difficult to maintain and it is important to have a list of subjects for the blog at least for the first few months so that the blogger does not suffer from writer’s block just before the posting date. Regularly posting at a predetermined day and time of the week or month gives regularity to the blog and makes it more successful.

The content must be interesting :

Planning the content of the blog is a major aspect of the blog. People follow blogs to read the content posted online. The content must be interesting, informative and must be written in a way that engages the target audience.

Blog Marketing :

Finding readers for the blog is the key to the success of the blog. Blogs can be shared on social media and sometimes bloggers also find ways to market their blogs online. Bloggers can either engage in paid marketing for the blog if the lifestyle blog has a commercial intent, or they can also market the blog on their own through various marketing channels available online. Word of mouth publicity and asking friends and family to share the blog is usually the first step in finding readers for the blog.


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