5 Valuable Things to Remove from Your Junk Car Before Selling.

Regardless of how much you loved your car, there comes the time when owners have to give up and think of selling their cars due to some reasonable factors. Your car might be too old, some parts might not function properly, or you might just need an upgraded one. Driving an old vehicle that’s no longer in smooth shape can put your life into danger.

Cars are expensive. So if it’s the money that concerns you, how ‘bout make money out of your scrappy car? Some junkyards would pay you around $300-$50,000 depending on the car’s condition. BUT! Once you’ve made up your mind and decided on the fact that you will be selling it to a junkyard, do not forget to remove those items that you think are valuable. Because you can sell them separately and make more cash out of these worthy items or you may want to keep and use them for your next car purchase. 

So, what are these valuable items to take out from your scrap car?  

Batteries :


The battery is one of the most essential and basic components of a vehicle, which only proves that you can make really good value out of it. You have two options: either you sell your old batteries to a nearby salvage and recycle yard which will you 20 dollars or more for each battery. Or (if you’re an automotive expert who knows a lot) you can try to recover your battery with Epsom salt and distilled water. This way helps you extend the battery’s life span for another 5 years which saves you a lot from purchasing a new one. 

GPS Devices :


Lucky if you have a built-in GPS device in your car. The advantage is that not all vehicles are created with this technological device. Only those high-end and top-of-the-line models have built-in GPS, making it so in demand among car users. In demand means more cash if you try to sell it out. A built-in GPS device would cost a few hundred dollars, especially if it’s in good condition.   

Exhaust Systems :

Exhaust Systems

An exhaust system with catalytic converters is another important car part that is responsible to control the engine’s noise and fumes that can be released into the air which can eventually cause pollution. This contains different metals such as palladium, platinum, and rhodium. The significant use and content of exhaust systems and catalytic converters are what makes a great resale value. 

Airbags :


Airbags installation can cause an arm and a leg; thus, most car users opt to buy those that are unused from junk cars because they are more affordable. Should you be involved in a car accident, the airbags are there to protect you, making it one of the most significant car accessories that’s ever produced. So, if your airbag has never been deployed, take it out and make more cash from it. Just make sure to remove the airbags properly. 

Car doors and windows:


If you think your car doors and windows are still in good shape, you can also try to sell them off from your car. Doors and windows are another interesting car parts to sell because a lot of people always look for parts that can work fine at reasonable prices.

Removing these items in place of good value is a great idea but be reminded that you have to be skillful to remove these parts safely. You can always ask for assistance, especially if it’s your very first time to do it.

Can’t name all the other parts but if you have one in mind, share your thoughts to everyone!


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