Facebook will soon come with its own Face ID.


In view of increasing the popularity of face id feature, soon Facebook will come with his face id feature for his FB users. Facebook developing its own a facial recognition feature called ” facebook face id ” which allows users to access their account smartly with better security.

Facebook already tried a number of ways to help the users to get back into a locked account. As in some time, it’s asked you to recognize pictures of your friends to prove yourself. Or another way it’s allowing you to designate several “honest friends” who receive a code and help you to unlock your Facebook account.

 “The first look of the system has been posted on Twitter by The Next Web’s Matt Navarra.”


How “Facebook Face id ” Work:

Facebook Face id features will help you in case if you forgot your password. The facial recognition features will scan your face through your smartphone’s camera. At the same point, Facebook will compare it with your pictures and video in which you are tagged. If system found matching then your account will be unlocked.

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