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How Online Learning Management System Benefits Your Organization


What is an LMS?

LMS stands for Learning Management System. It is a software-based solution for learning in organizations. One of the common forms of learning is through formal training and by encouraging employees to study on their own. Training involves costs and employees need to be removed from their work routine to attend training. Self-learning is unorganized and many people cannot manage it on their own. LMS is the perfect solution for all this.

LMS involves the use of an online software system that has a repository of knowledge. This is in the form of text-based content, e-books, interactive lessons, video tutorials, live and recorded videos of classroom sessions, online quiz and assessment, and interactive forum for discussion. It is an online version of a college or university. All that happens in an educational institution can be replicated through an LMS.

LMS for Organizations :

LMS can be used by organizations to promote learning. Every employee in an organization needs to undergo training. This training is usually conducted in classroom sessions and involves costs. Employees have to attend training in a batch leading to many employees having to be freed from work. This can affect the organization’s work schedules. Organizations that have multiple locations find it difficult to manage training for all employees.

LMS is a perfect solution for organizations to help their employees learn new skills, upgrade existing skills, and enhance their knowledge. An LMS can be installed and all employees are given access to the LMS. An employee can log in whenever he/she wants. It can be during free time or even at home. The employee can access the entire training module online.

People love spending time online. Allowing employees to learn online is beneficial to organizations. LMS is a one-time investment. Creating learning material through an online corporate training platform is also a one-time activity. Once this is done, the same material can be accessed by all employees of the organization, wherever they may be in the world. LMS is a great idea that is beneficial for organizations.

Benefits of the LMS :

Having understood what an LMS is and how it works, let us discuss how it can be beneficial for an organization. The following are the benefits of an LMS, which make it so popular and widely accepted by organizations today:

  • It helps the organization conduct training for its employees in an effective way.
  • LMS is not merely a training tool; it is a complete learning solution. It allows employees to learn the subjects of their choice. Employees can even access university-approved courses online using the LMS.
  • Online training is easily accepted by employees, who find it interesting and convenient. This training will help them not just for work but to help them plan for their personal growth.
  • Employees are happy using LMS and this can work as a motivational factor. It is a good way of improving morale by giving employees the freedom to learn online.
  • The online mode of learning is easy and convenient, which is why it is universally accepted. Employees can learn at their convenience and their own pace. Unlike training, they can take their own time to learn and master a particular module.
  • Just as a trainer would interact with trainees, there would be tutors who interact with learners in an LMS. The interaction can happen through chat and through forums. The forums can be used even for learners to interact with each other. This can help foster good team spirit among employees.
  • The organization can use the Learning Management System to track employee performance. They can know the progress of learning and performance in assessments.

All these benefits make an LMS implementation a great idea for organizations.

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The article has been written by Marilou Alcaide, the marketing writer at Coggno Inc. that offers an online training platform for employees & students. Creating appealing content to engage the readers all around the world is the author’s keen desire.

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