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The Cheapest SEO Strategies to Implement: For Startups or an Individual Blogger

SEO Tactics

SEO is the best behind-the-scenes strategy for many businesses looking to make a mark on the internet. Unfortunately, many companies that are just starting up do not know what exactly SEO is and how it can help their business survive the fierce competition.

The SEO plan includes the best of Digital marketing and strategy, which you need to get the website a bit higher.

SEO will also help to get your brand in a better position for the target market. In short, it is a sure ticket to long-term success. If you have just started a business, then you would want to know which SEO strategies will help meet the sales target and connect with the right audience.

Let us find out what you need to do with SEO as a startup for both a startup and a blogger.

Cheapest SEO Strategies for Start-Up and Blogger :

You need to understand that a successful SEO strategy has different components, which work together to bring your brand to the top of the search engine results page.

Let us now know which SEO strategies will work best for your brand :

  1. On-Page Optimization :

Search engines go through a website to understand its content for showing it on the right search results.

An effective on-page optimization SEO strategy includes optimizing the website’s content, website structure, page structure, and internal link structure to work with Google and the user.

Some of the practical on-page optimization factors include:

SEO Tagging :

  • SEO tagging helps Google in knowing the purpose and main topics of a webpage.
  • What you need to remember is the characters should always remain below 70 characters with space. Moreover, description tags need to be fewer than 160 characters with spaces.

Website Navigation :

  • The website navigation of your website needs to be easy-to-navigate and straightforward for the end-user. Leave the big menus and keep the entire site clean; as such, menus will only cause SEO issues.
  • On the other hand, big menus also become a hassle for those visiting the website via smartphones.
  • A rule to remember is including only those pages, which you want the viewer to engage with and Google to focus on for ranking.

It is an effective SEO strategy, which will help your company smoothen the other digital marketing process.

Website Speed :

  • Website speed is essential for both users and Google, as it helps the search engine know about slow websites. It allows Google with its ranking algorithm, especially for smartphone users.
  • We recommend you take a particular page from the website and pass it through the Google speed test to get an insight into its performance on desktops and mobile versions.

2. Create Content That Matters:

After you are done optimizing the primary components of the website, including landing pages, website navigation, and internal links, it is time to think about content and marketing.

Content creation considers many things, including knowing the user’s needs, researching the competitor, and doing proper keyword research.

Some of the advantages of producing content for SEO purpose include:

Increased Reach :

Relevant content will increase the webpages on your website, which the search engine can index. In short, it means more search terms for your new business.

Increased Inbound Links :

  • The blog posts on your website are a valuable asset to attract the right organic links from relevant resources.
  • It will provide your startup website with better domain authority and online ranking. You can search for the best digital marketing company to know more.

Keep Website Fresh and Use Brand Positioning :

  • Google will always reward websites with fresh content, as compared to those, which do not do the same.
  • Moreover, publishing high-quality content will always give your brand a higher online position, among others in your industry.

3. Link Building is Important :

  • The last component of successful SEO for startups includes off-page optimization, which provides for earning links.
  • In short, a useful link is always worth more than hundreds of other low-quality links.

Endnote: If you were looking to give a significant boost to your startup business’s website, then it would require following these three guidelines for the best results. Thus, it would be an effective digital marketing and strategy to get the maximum benefits.

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