The Top 3 Benefits Startups Enjoy After Outsourcing their HR

outsource HR services for small businesses

In 2018, almost 60% of businesses increased their use of outsourcing due to its convenience and benefits.

While numerous companies outsource, others are uncertain about its efficacy. However, with today’s fluctuating business needs and consumer desires, outsourcing is an avenue that saves both time and money, most notably in the Outsourcing HR sector.

PEO Service, or professional employer organizations, tailor their services to fit small and medium-sized companies, providing the tools and expertise necessary to compete with large corporations. However, these are not the only benefits outsourcing offers.

Benefits of Outsourcing HR

Companies Enjoy Reduced Costs :

Overhead costs associated with HR are high. Many firms reserve 25% or more of their total revenue for workforce costs such as payroll, compensation, and taxes. Although there are many ways to minimize costs, reducing this category of funds through outsourcing results in savings across several fronts. This applies specifically to small companies who may be unable to afford the space, training, and other back-office expenses required for a traditional HR team. Instead, they eliminate overhead costs, and a third party provides services from knowledgeable representatives.

Outsourcing Allows Businesses to Focus on Success :

Outsourcing also increases efficiency and allows workforces to focus on company goals and milestones. Functions provided by HR PEOs streamline processes that often become sluggish in-house.

When employees are free to focus their efforts elsewhere, production and efficiency shoot up. CEO Michael F. Corbett found in his research that outsourcing itself increases production results anywhere from 10 to 100 times of the efforts that do not include outsourcing. Also, 90 percent of businesses indicated outsourcing was a crucial element in allowing them to flourish. 

CEOs and Executives No Longer Have to Worry About Regulations :

Firms who outsourcing HR services for small businesses are trusted by the businesses that hire them. Seventy-eight percent of companies globally agree they trust their outsourcing partners, with much of this trust centering around professionalism.

Outsourcing companies make it a priority to remain up-to-date with compliance codes and the latest trends. They know it is necessary to supply superior performance, making compliance and security concerns that once meant hours of research and paperwork effortless for their clients.

An Outsourcing Revolution:

Simply put, outsourcing provides convenience, and is a budgetary necessity small- and medium-sized businesses cannot do without if they want to compete on a larger scale. As outsourcing continues to evolve to meet higher demands, expect more firms to turn to this form of partnership for growth.


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