The labor market is dynamic. It changes faster than anyone may realize. Deciding and making a career is one of the most crucial stages in one’s life. It is important for personal growth and development. Without a long-term career plan, life will be senseless and an uncertain ride. You need to know the upcoming job opportunity trend and the skills that will be in demand for you to bag jobs and secure your future.

Most people do not put in a lot of effort into choosing a stable career. However, it is important to emphasize and do some research for selecting a career so that you are paid well and your future is secured. Let us look at the list of the top 10 jobs to have a career in 2020.

1. Data Scientist:

Until today, only tech industry hired data scientists but now almost everyone is willing to invest in the role of a data scientist. This is due to the quick rise in artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts. Businesses and companies rely heavily on data and major crucial decisions are based on these data-driven insights. However, there remains a huge shortage of people who can actually take the data and turn them into meaningful predictions. In the future, watching the competition, interpreting and analyzing market trends will be very crucial to maintain a competitive edge. Companies look for qualified and experienced people who can add value to their decisions. Hence, opportunities in data analysis will create the top best-paying jobs to have a career in.

2. Market Research Analyst:

A market research analyst ranks among the top job profiles to have in 2020. This is because every innovation today requires extensive research and insights into industry trends. Primarily, a market research analyst helps companies find what products are in demand at what price will people pay for them. Also, marketing and sales trends are analyzed by a market research analyst. As the world continuously demands new development and technology, a specialist in market research is going to be in great demand.

3. Digital and Video Marketer:

With the rise in Internet reach, the trend of digital marketing is on the boom. Newspaper ads and pamphlets are no longer an effective marketing strategy. In a world where everyone uses the internet for every slightest thing, businesses prefer to market their products or services digitally rather than using any traditional methods. Businesses (large or small) are running 24 hours- 365 days a year and to reach more consumers, digital marketing is the way forward. Through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, businesses can reach a wider audience within a limited period of time. It largely benefits an organization financially. Hence, the scope of digital marketing will be on the rise and so will be the demand for a digital marketer.

4. Software Developer:

With the growth of technology, we are literally surrounded by software. From online banking, shopping to fit bits to uber and more, every industry requires a massive amount of software development to be in the competition. Software is literally slaving the world and developers are hence needed the most. Software developers are people who are capable of building new technology based on coding to make their lives better. They design and modify user-friendly applications on the basis of the client’s specifications. In a world that has become reliant on technology, the role of a software developer will be the most demanded one to continuously design new programs and ensure they run smoothly every second.

5. Cyber Security Specialist:

Technology and software together have changed the way businesses operate. Every sector today has become more web-based, from banking to shopping to commuting to healthcare. As the world is moving more towards online transactions, it is becoming more vulnerable and cyber-attacks are only increasing and becoming more common. People are trying to exploit everything in terms of money and data. Every business today has tons of information saved; thus, businesses are actively seeking people who can provide them cyber protection. Defense against data breaching and ransomware can have huge impacts on organizations and the government. A cyber-security specialist can safeguard vital information stored in the computer networks of any organization. In short, the demand for cyber-security jobs is higher and will only grow in the foreseeable future.

6.  Financial Planner:

Today, everyone lives to earn money and from various sources. The number of investing platforms has increased and the financial goals of individuals are at stake. This makes money management a complex activity and a topic that needs expert advice. A financial planner manages your money, pulls all the finances together and puts them to work at the right place to give you maximum benefits. Since people will always ask for expertise for their financial goals; thus, the demand for this job will always be high and a career in this sector will get you one of the highest-paid jobs. Also, it is one of those careers that won’t be replaced with the emergence of artificial intelligence since the tasks of a planner cannot be automated and will always need a personal touch.

7. Physiotherapists:

While technology has proved to be a boon for the world, it has come in with its own repulsions. There has been a drastic reduction in the level of physical activities and an increase in the level of pain and stress. Physiotherapists treat problems like stiff neck, frozen shoulder, back pain, etc. that arise due to this lifestyle change through therapeutic exercises, massage, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, magnetic therapy and so much more. They ensure optimal health and proper physical functioning of the human body. Since automating tasks are in trend and there is a growing concern among people about health; hence, physiotherapy has created a niche of its own in the healthcare sector. This, in turn, has increased the demand for physiotherapists in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, private clinics, and other healthcare facilities.

8. Event Manager:

Everyone is running with a lack of time and skills to manage things on their own. Yet, everyone wants to celebrate any event, be it a birthday party or a corporate event or a wedding lavishly, making it a grand and memorable event. In fact, today many companies are hosting and organizing different events regularly. The entertainment industry also is not only organizing regular parties and events; it has also expanded and now organizes music festivals, food festivals, and more creative events to entertain people. Event managers use their expertise and manage everything themselves. They adapt to the latest technologies like VR screenings to present an innovative and well-organized event. Since the scope of the event industry has been widened, hence, a career as an event manager will be one of the top building careers of 2020.

9. Actuary :

The economy is developing at a fast pace and becoming more complex. There is uncertainty and so are the risks in every industry. People are more exposed to risks now than ever and will be more concerned about it than today. An actuary is a person who predicts, analyses and mitigates risks to reduce uncertainties. They are the best risk managers and problem solvers. An actuary, in fact, can forecast future events using mathematical skills and provide solutions for the same. Sectors like banking and insurance are developing at a faster rate than ever and thus the demand for actuaries is very high. It is also one of the highest-paid job profiles for the upcoming future.

10.  Recruiter:

Recruiter is an essential element of the business world making recruitment a top career of upcoming times. Jobs are constantly being created in the industry and there are active seekers too but to fill the right positions in an organization with the right talent is a role that recruiter plays. In fact, the success of an organization depends solely on this process. Hence, a recruiting career ranks among the topmost preferred job profiles in 2020. Besides just finding people for jobs, a recruiter also has an advisory role to play. They assist people with resumes, cover letters, interviews, salary negotiations or any other employment issues. Although working for an organization, a recruiter is in the best interest of both the company and the candidate and changes lives for both.

We know, every year is started with millions of people searching for promising jobs to make a career in. Plenty of high demand jobs are vacant and are waiting for people to fill them up. Exploring these high in-demand jobs for 2020 will prove to be helpful in deciding a career path that will have an undefined potential. These jobs are from various sectors like health, hospitality, technology, entertainment, finance, and fintech. These 10 jobs to have a career in 2020 will have enough job openings in the coming year and will be likely to lead to a great pay scale.

Now that you have an insight into the future trends in the labor market, you need not worry about job security. Keeping in mind these top careers, develop your skills that interest you the most and secure a job with a bright future.

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