Top 5 Tools to Increase your Twitter Followers

How to get more Twitter followers

Nowadays, the Twitter platform is stronger than before. Normally, every beginner wants an answer on Google How to get more Twitter followers fast and click all of the links on Google’s initial few pages right?

Yes, I know generally people do. So, my advice is, do not try all of the resources over the web, always focus on the latest facts.

Few popular twitter apps are present that helps to grow your account very quickly and here I shared the best 6 apps, have free versions, or at least provides a 1 week trial period.

Another thing that you should concern before starting this, these third party tools allows a huge assortment of attributes however; you should learn how to use those attributes properly.

Here, you need to be very careful while developing more Twitter followers and particularly when using automation resources. If you’ve done things with the against twitter rules, then your profile might be suspended straight away.

In January 2019, Twiter has eliminated API access of any third-party apps to protect the platform from spammers.

So, here I am going to explain have some great features and they have added several new features which you could use to your social media marketing game and obtain more Twitter followers.

Even in case, you couldn’t grow your Twitter followers as fast as before, these twitter apps will help to increase active followers than before.

Top 5 Tools to Increase your Twitter Followers

Owlead :

Owlead is a stage to automate the following process and gain more targeted Twitter followers to your account.

The magic of this platform happens with smart and custom filters that allow you to the audience based on these segments are –

Keywords in bio




After reviews, Owlead will start following & unfollowing when it needs 50 users per effort from the viewers on autopilot. This platform also includes a dashboard with data of your recent activity.

Owlead includes a fantastic 10-day free trial presentation, can check it out & create your conclusions concerning this Twitter expansion tool

Crowdfire :

Crowdfire is my favourite instrument to gain additional Twitter followers. It’s a user-friendly interface and the Crowdfire mobile app is cool & very comfortable to use.

Here expert advice does not utilize those bots. You won’t have the ability to recover your account if they’ve suspended while using those. So, if any instrument provides these features, then consider against the Twitter rules.

Crowdfire has added much better features. Even the Crowdfire Plus program able to lets you connect 10 social accounts. In this, you can schedule your social media posts, schedule articles in bulk, include & manage team members, can give answers directly within the Crowdfire app.

The most important feature in social networking is analytics.

Here, in this users can easily do research & much more on marketing because of all the important post analytics, social websites profile analytics, and competitor analytics are present at one place.

You don’t need to navigate through different apps or websites. All the stuff or information related to social media management attributes or analytics are listed on the Crowdfire.


ManageFlitter also had similar features like Crowdfire.

Apart from that, you still can find some fantastic features like you can do cleaning with Fake/Spam followers from your Twitter account to become more active or sharp user handlers.

Should, utilize ManageFlitter to wash unfollow accounts from Twitter accounts, filters such as no profile picture, imitation and seems inactive activities.

ManageFlitter presents advanced analytics and provides unique attributes such as PowerPost facility to obtain maximum exposure to Tweets.

Unfortunately, currently, they do not offer you this Free plan but when you use this, the price will be worth for your business plans.

Tweepi :

Tweepi is one of the greatest tools to develop more Twitter followers in less time. Frankly, everything starts with the wonderful dreams and this tool is capable to increase your fan following base.

It is a tool that offers you follow along with unfollowing options together with the availability of these filtering options you couldn’t find anywhere on the internet. It is possible when to find the best accounts to follow filtering by location, speech, followers count, and trace ratio, etc..

However, after new Twitter accounts is a two-step procedure now. You can’t follow filtered profiles directly through the Tweepi, because of the changes made to Twitter API from 2017.

Now, Follow button has converted into Follow List. When you’ve clicked the Follow List button, then that account will automatically add to a private Twitter list.

This, unfollowing accounts which do not have a fantastic bio or profile image has. So, indirectly Tweepi would be the best for increasing Twitter followers and are responsible for more engaging & niche specific followers.


If you really want to grow your Twitter followers, then you have to post your articles at the right time of the day. Otherwise, your target market will not see your Tweets.

Buffer can help to schedule our Tweets to acquire the maximum exposure and involvement according to our niche as well as the audience. If you would like to gain more Twitter followers quickly, consider scheduling five or more tweets daily using Buffer.

Buffer provides a browser expansion to schedule content in your social websites on the internet. Social networks are the best part to gain more potential by using visual art and have their advantages too.

The visible materials create more fabulous memories. However, it’s not about the only pictures because at times pictures say more than texts.

Do you wish to make money with your Twitter accounts?

If you are using Twitter accounts, or a Facebook Page Fan with over 5000 followers, you can easily start advertising by using your mailing list for your page. One of the simplest ways to do advertisers by using social networks or businesses that have an audience that follows and listens to them on social networks.

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